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So far this site has been used to convert 2809 UoB timetables!

Fill in the boxes below and click submit. It makes things much easier if you use the email linked with your google account. Then add your google account to your phone with calendar toggled on.

Please be aware this just copies the current timetable, you should probably still check from time to time if it has changed.

Think of it like a bake sale, but you get to use the service rather than getting a cupcake.

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This service allows you to easily add your University of Birmingham student timetable to your calendar; making it easier than ever to view. After submitting your request you will shortly be emailed a link to add the timetable calendar to your calendar app. All modern calendar apps support multiple calendars at once.

This project is made by Tom Moses (a first year Comp Sci student at UoB) and is open source. If you need to contact me, email me or message me.

If you are worries about entering your details into this site, please rest assured that your password is never stored. Your email is temporarily stored while the processing is happening. Your username is stored so that I am able to track statistics of how many users I have.

If you do not want any information stored, there is this very old version I made (which is much more complicated to use).


So far, the site has had 13239 visits and 2809 uses. There are currently 0 users in the queue. So far, the amount of people from the university to have used or seen this service:

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